Food Marketing to Children. Save the Date!

3rd Annual UCLA-Harvard Food Law and Policy Conference

Food Marketing to Children: The Current Reality and What Can Be Done 

*Featuring a Keynote Address by Senator Tom Harkin*

October 21, 2016

UCLA School of Law

The Resnick Program for Food Law and Policy at UCLA School of Law and The Food Law Lab at Harvard Law School invite you to the 3rd Annual UCLAHarvard Law School Food Law and Policy Conference, which this year will address the issue of food marketing to children.

Event Description

American youth are heavily exposed to food marketing – indeed, food and beverage companies spent nearly $1.8 billion dollars on youth oriented marketing in 2009, and most youth oriented marketing is for products with a poor nutritional profile. In recent years, while still utilizing traditional marketing channels of television, sponsorships, and celebrity promotion, youth oriented marketing has also evolved to include a vast array of digital and social mechanisms. This marketing is capable of influencing children’s diets and arguably shaping their food preferences for years to come.

Some argue that, given the extent and nature of unhealthy food and beverage marketing in the United States and the increasing prevalence of youth diabetes as well as high obesity rates, more – much more – should be done to limit child and adolescent exposure to promotion of unhealthy foods and beverages. In recent years industry self-regulation has been the primary approach for reducing youth exposure to the marketing of unhealthy foods and beverages, yet research has shown the unevenness of this approach to date. At the same time, any call for government action raises questions about both First Amendment and legislative limitations.

This one day long conference will convene an interdisciplinary group of experts from science, law, and policy to discuss these issues and consider the scale, impact of, and legal considerations with regard to food and beverage marketing to children in the United States.

We hope you save the date of October 21st to join us for this event.

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